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Seeman Endorses Kreitzman, Beckerman

I am writing in support of two long time friends who are running for re-election in the Village of Great Neck.

Mayor Ralph Kreitzman has exhibited the highest concern for his village and its residents. Over his multiple terms as mayor, he has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, concern for the environment and has seen the increased need for affordable housing.

Trustee Mitchell Beckerman has also devoted his life to public service. Mitch has proudly served with Mayor Kreitzman and they share the same good goals.

Both are honored to be able to give back to the community in which they live.

Lee R. Seeman

For Kreitzman, Bass, Beckerman

As a former mayor of the Village of Great Neck, I know what it takes to effectively govern our village.

Ralph Kreitzman and his running mates have the experience, dedication, common sense and vision to continue to do a great job for all of us. Their many accomplishments clearly demonstrate that fact.

I will be voting for Ralph Kreitzman, Mitch Beckerman and Jeff Bass on June 16, an I strongly encourage all voters to do the same.

Isabel Varlotta, former mayor, Vilage of Great Neck

For Kreitzman, Beckerman and Bass

As a long time resident of the Village of Great Neck (47 years) I have seen much change in our village. On Tuesday, June 16, we will be casting our votes for candidates who can meet the challenges and experience of managing a successful village.

That is why I am voting for our incumbents, Mayor Ralph Kreitzman, Deputy Mayor and Trustee Mitchell Beckerman and Trustee Jeffrey Bass, all running on the Better Government Party for re-election. They all have proven their leadership and accomplishments during their terms in office.

Looking back I remember their steadfast policy on no parking meters and a friendlier place to shop with ample free parking, always about the residents. Also events such as the annual Village of Great Neck Crafts Fair, banners along Middle Neck Road welcoming people. Beautification projects such as plantings and maintenance of the center median on Middle Neck Road and working on making the business district more viable and walkable.

Don’t forget the services that are always present and sometimes taken for granted. Repaving of streets, snow removal, waste removal and new projects, finally planning for a new Village Hall that meets the needs of our community to mention a few.

I have worked with all of the incumbents and volunteered on many projects. In my opinion their exceptional professionalism and concerns and dedication is a benchmark for all villages to follow. I am proud to be a resident of this great village and urge you all to cast your vote for them.

Richard E. Stancati

Endorsing Mayor Kreitzman

I am writing to urge Great Neck residents to vote for Mayor Ralph J. Kreitzman in the upcoming village election. He is an honest, dedicated public servant with a good track record and vast experience and extensive knowledge about local government. He has given more than 15 years of service to Village of Great Neck residents and worked tirelessly for the entire Great Neck peninsula. He deserves your vote on Tuesday, June 16.

It has been my honor to have worked alongside Mayor Kreitzman in numerous capacities for the benefit of those who live on the Great Neck peninsula. We serve together as members of the Great Neck Village Officials Association, as colleagues at the Water Authority of Great Neck North and for the benefit of the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) for the Alert Fire Company, to name just a few. I am proud to call him my colleague and my friend.

Great Neck residents have benefited tremendously as a result of Mayor Kreitzman’s leadership and commitment to serving the public. Please show him your support on Election Day, Tuesday, June 16.

Michael C. Kalnick, mayor, Village of Kings Point

Voting For Kreitzman, Beckerman & Bass

If, you are anything like me, you take for granted how wonderful it is to live in this town. But, somewhere in our hearts, we know all this doesn’t happen by accident. Behind it all are the hard working, dedicated members of Great Neck Village’s governing body.

On Tuesday, June 16, three hard-working dedicated members will be up for re-election on the Better Government Party ticket. They are: Mayor Ralph Kreitzman and trustees Mitchell Beckerman and Jeffrey Bass.

I will be voting for them on Tuesday, June 16.

I urge you to do the same.

Lolly Stancati

Endorsing Kreitzman, Beckerman & Bass

As mayor of Russell Gardens for almost five terms I have come to know Mayor Ralph Kreitzman extremely well. Ralph is a former president of the Nassau County Village Officials Association and former president of the Great Neck Village Officials Association.

Ralph has worked tirelessly for not only the Village of Great Neck but for all the villages on the peninsula with regard to coordinating efforts from emergency management to road repair.

Ralph couldn’t accomplish everything he did for his village and all the villages on the peninsula without the assistance and cooperation of trustees Mitch Beckerman and Jeff Bass.

While I can’t vote for Ralph, Mitch and Jeff I would urge all of the residents of the Village of Great Neck to support them on Election Day for the betterment of Great Neck Village and the Great Neck peninsula.

Steven B. Kirschner, mayor, Village of Russell Gardens

Kreitzman Team Endorsed

I am writing to urge you to join me in supporting Mayor Ralph Kreitzman and his team as they run for reelection in the Village of Great Neck election on Tuesday, June 16.

As a full time mayor, Ralph has served the people of the village, using his long time government experience to keep village finances strong, improve economic development and implement village improvements. His tireless commitment to our village and his steadfast honesty and integrity are exactly the qualities we need in our elected officials.

Since my election as commissioner of the Great Neck Water Pollution District, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Ralph and his team as we finalized the inclusion of the village’s residents and collection system into the district. I have seen firsthand his hard work and dedication to the best interests of the residents of the village.

Please join me on Tuesday, June 16 in voting for Ralph Kreitzman and his entire team.

Steve Reiter, commissioner, Great Neck Water Pollution District

Election Time Letters

For several weeks in a row, just prior to the March and June village elections, the Great Neck Record publishes the Great Neck Record policy regarding election time letters to the editor. At this time, with the upcoming June 16 village elections including contested elections in the Village of Great Neck, we are using this space to once again highlight our policy.

To be considered for publication, letters should be limited to 300 words tops. Letters longer than this most likely will not be used.

In the last issue before an election, only letters expressing support for candidates will be accepted. Letters that would require a response from a candidate will not be used in the last issue before an election.

Generally speaking, letters from candidates will not be printed. And any letter containing false information, or fabrications will not be accepted. If any letter contains specific statistics or numbers, that letter must be accompanied by official documentation.

Letters are to be emailed to:

—Wendy K. Kreitzman 

Vote ‘Yes’ for Our School Budget

Tuesday, May 19, is the day to vote “yes” for our children and for our school budget. The Great Neck Public Schools do an exemplary job of educating our children and we can show our support, and say thank you, by voting for our school district’s budget and to re-elect our board of education trustees.

In trying times, with increasing government mandates and decreasing funding, we are fortunate to be blessed with a dedicated board of education and an outstanding school administration and faculty. Board of Education President Barbara and Trustee Donald Ashkenase are running, unopposed, for re-election. They need our support to continue doing the very best for our children.

We cannot become complacent. We must show up at the polls next Tuesday to vote “yes.”

Voting is from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. For residents who live north of the Long Island Rail Road station, the polls are at the E.M. Baker Elementary School. For residents who live south of the Long Island Rail Road station, voting is at Great Neck South High School.

Vote “yes” for the children.

­—Wendy Karpel Kreitzman 

Earth Day All Year?

“Nassau Museum Celebrates Earth Day” (Anton Media Staff, May 6) should be all year long. Besides recycling newspapers, magazines, glass, plastics, old medicines, paints and cleaning materials, there are other actions you can take which will also contribute to a cleaner environment. Leave your car at home. For local trips in the neighborhood, walk or ride a bike. For longer travels, consider many public transportation alternatives already available. Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Nassau Inter County Express (NICE) Bus, MTA Bus along with other private transportation owners offer various options, such as local and express bus, ferry, jitney, subway and commuter rail services. Most of these systems are funded with your tax dollars. They use less fuel and move far more people than cars. In many cases, your employer can offer transit checks to help subsidize a portion of the costs. Utilize your investments and reap the benefits. You’ll be supporting a cleaner environment and be less stressed upon arrival at your final destination.

Many employers now allow employees to telecommute and work from home. Others use alternative work schedules, which afford staff the ability to avoid rush hour gridlock. This saves travel time and can improve mileage per gallon. You could join a car or van pool to share the costs of commuting.

Use a hand powered lawn mower instead of a gasoline or electric one. Rake your leaves instead of using gasoline powered leaf blowers. The amount of pollution created by gasoline powered lawn mowers or leaf blowers will surprise you.

A cleaner environment starts with everyone.

Larry Penner