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Congratulations to Our Grads

The Great Neck Record congratulates all of our graduates of the Class of 2015. We offer our very best wishes to each and every graduate, from the smallest ones “graduating” from preschool, to the elementary school and middle school graduates, up to the high school, college and graduate school graduates.

We hope that each graduate takes with him or her not only a wealth of knowledge, but an array of interesting experiences and some special friendships too. We wish you wonderful memories.

And, as well, we hope that each graduate is eagerly looking forward to the next exciting step in life, be it a continuation of school or a first step into the work world. We wish you a fulfilling future.

Congratulations to all of Great Neck’s graduates.

Wendy Karpel Kreitzman

Mayor Kreitzman Says “Thanks”

I would like to thank the residents of the Village of Great Neck for the honor and privilege of serving them as their mayor for the past eight years. I am humbled and proud of our many accomplishments and of the significant resident involvement in so many of them.

I would also like to thank our village employees and volunteer board members. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with them. I do not know how to adequately express my feelings for my dedicated and hardworking trustees. The recognitions and awards the village and I have received are due to all of their efforts.

Lastly, I congratulate my opponents, and I hope that they will do a great job for our residents and our great village. I already have reached out to my successor to offer my assistance.

Ralph J. Kreitzman

Train Courtesy Wanted

Great Neck residents “MTA’s Courtesy Campaign Fights Uphill Battle” (Eye On The Island by Mike Barry, June 10) face many daily challenges in our travels. As subway riders, we have to deal with conductors who close the doors while crossing the platform attempting to transfer from a local to the express train. Try looking for the proper way to depose of your old newspaper as more trash cans are removed from more stations. Riders have to deal with aggressive panhandlers, eating as if one is at home or restaurant, those hogging two seats, yawning, coughing or sneezing without covering up and the release of flatulence. Women are routinely accosted by gropers while perverts engage in other unhealthy sexual activities.

Many have grown tired dealing with rats, mice and litter. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority should consider installing separate cans for recycling newspapers, plastic and glass along with regular garbage. Selling advertising on the side of cans could generate revenue to help cover the costs of more frequent off-peak and late-night collection and disposal. If asked, the New York City Department of Sanitation could do the same on the street adjacent to subway station entrances.

The odds of finding a working safe clean bathroom for “relief” in time are limited. Until the early 1960s, most subway stations had clean, safe, working bathrooms with toilet paper. Revenues generated from a $.10 fee helped cover the costs. Why not consider charging a fee between $.25 and a dollar? That would generate revenue to assign a matron along with covering security and maintenance costs. This could help provide secure, fully-equipped bathrooms at most of the 465 subway stations. Many riders would gladly pay this small price to ensure working bathrooms rather than face the current unpleasant alternatives which contribute to dirty subways.

Many have long since forgotten that up until the late 1960s, it was common to find both penny gum and $.10 soda machines dispensing products at many subway stations. It was a time when people respected authority and law. That generation of riders did not litter subway stations and buses leaving behind gum, candy wrappers, paper cups, bottles and newspapers. No one would openly eat pizza, chicken or other messy foods while riding a bus or subway.

Larry Penner 

Don’t forget to Vote Tuesday!

voteWEBVote on Tuesday, June 16. Three villages hold elections: contested elections in the Village of Great Neck and uncontested elections in Kings Point and Lake Success. Contested or not, all elections impact greatly on the quality of life in Great Neck.

Our neighbors who offer to fill these posts are volunteering not only their expertise, but much time and a lot of hard work in order to assure that we continue to live in the beautiful, well-maintained community that attracted us in the first place.

So, please, if your village is holding elections this coming Tuesday, be sure to get out and vote. Our local elected officials are giving of themselves, the least that we can do is to get out and show our support by voting.

Wendy Kreitzman

Criticizes Library

In am writing in response to the article “Library Says Mann Has Resigned”, May 27-June 2. I have personally known Ethan Mann as director of Levels since 2001. I attest to the fact that he has always conducted himself with utmost professionalism and has been a teacher, mentor and most importantly a friend to our children through the years at times helping them through some difficult personal situations which teens often experience. It greatly disturbs me that the Library would state that Ethan resigned because it is not true. There has been a covert agenda to do away with Levels for as long as I can remember.  What better way to get rid of Levels but by getting rid of the person who makes Levels what it is.

Our children attended Levels from the time that they were about 13 years old and continue to have a relationship with Ethan as adults of 24 and 27. I believe that their experiences at Levels and their relationships with Ethan helped them become the successful professionals they are today. When our children were not comfortable to “hang out” on Middle Neck Road until all hours, they had a safe haven at Levels. Levels provided a place for our kids to go where they could have a degree of independence while socializing in a safe environment with adult supervision. Levels provided opportunities for our children to get involved with things that they might otherwise not have pursued. These involvements provided our kids a way to cultivate their various interests, while learning to work together as a team. Levels, under the direction of Ethan Mann, was a valuable asset to our community and it’s youth. To remove Ethan is to irreparably harm the program and to deny our children many wonderful experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

Jacqueline Chaplin

Supports Mayor

I am happy to support Mayor Ralph Kreitzman for mayor of our village. He is honorable, professional, dedicated and effective and he is someone who I believe is an extraordinary asset serving at the helm of this wonderful village.

The challenges running local government are great. Mayor Kreitzman provides a steady hand with a keen sense of right and wrong. I trust him and I support him.  Please join me in voting for Mayor Kreitzman for re-election as mayor of the Village of Great Neck.

Likes Their Policies

As a longtime resident of the Village of Great Neck, I support the candidacies of Mayor Kreitzman, Deputy Mayor Beckerman and Trustee Bass. They will continue to maintain the high standards we expect of our elected officials and also will put into place policies which are in the best interests of our lovely community.

Perry M Habib

Upcoming Elections

I’ve been reading the numerous letters to the editor in support of Mayor Kreitzman and trustees Beckerman and Bass. It is clear they have experience and have achieved great successes for the village.

I’ve not seen a letter in support of the other candidates and have heard nothing about them other than…we want to replace the incumbents. Also they have absolutely no experience and do not even attend board of trustee meetings.

It is clear who we must vote for on June 16: Kreitzman, Beckerman and Bass.

Jill Lynn

Cites Knowledge, Experience

Tuesday, June 16, Village of Great Neck Mayor Ralph Kreitzman, Deputy Mayor Mitchell Beckerman and Trustee Jeff Bass will seek re-election in a very important contested race. I urge all residents of the village to come out and vote to re-elect these three very capable and dedicated public servants.

Mayor Kreitzman and trustees Beckerman and Bass have demonstrated during their many years in office that they have the knowledge and experience to deal quickly and effectively with the many complex issues involved in running such a large village. These issues span a wide range…financial, public utility, zoning, legal, regulatory, legislative, security and public relations, each of which is complicated and requires considerable expertise to resolve in the best interests of the Village.

I have found Mayor Kreitzman and his colleagues to be dedicated to the difficult job of running our village successfully, frequently under considerable pressure. They skillfully piloted our village through the dangers and consequences of hurricanes and unprecedented snowstorms, dealt with financial impact of business recessions and addressed consequences of population shifts and related changes in our village.

We simply cannot afford to lose Kreitzma,  Beckerman and Bass. I urge all residents vote for the Better Government Party and re-elect Kreitzman, Beckerman and Bass. and to call friends and neighbors to join them. Vote at Great Neck House, noon to 9 p.m., Tuesday, June 16.

Leon Korobow


Old Village Elections Opinion

I have had the privilege of knowing and observing Ralph Kreitzman and Jeffrey Bass for more than 25 years. I have seen them both in many roles, all related to business, family and community service. We are not close friends and that gives me the privilege to observe and comment without prejudice or bias.

Ralph and Jeffrey have always conducted themselves intelligently, professionally, ethically and selflessly with a pure sense of community interest and never a hint of self-interest. Their village and by extension the entire Great Neck peninsula and beyond are truly blessed to have seasoned and experienced public servants who place community interest over self-interest. As we discover day after day, most governments are far less fortunate. If government at all levels had people of such intellectual and ethical integrity the world would be a better, happier and far safer place. Although we don’t need to always agree with government, we do need to trust that government leaders act in the overall best interest of their citizens. Ralph and Jeff can be trusted.

I hope the residents of the Village of Great Neck see and appreciate Ralph and Jeff and (by dint of association) Mitch Beckerman and do us all a favor and return these fine people to office to continue to serve our communities while setting a proud example for those who will someday follow.

Gary Sazer