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Support Hard Working Merchants 


This sad story isn’t about a landlord and a rent hike. GN residents are saving a buck shopping online and ignoring hard working merchants [Read more…]

Christian Values?

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, Jeb Bush, among other good Christian Republicans, said that the U.S. should screen out refugees who are not Christian. This is beyond imagining. It is cruel, disgusting and ILLEGAL.

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New Parking Rules Won’t Help Business

By Mark Wolf

ParkingPlaza_102815.AAfter more than five years of my presenting data to the Village of Great Neck Plaza, the village finally decided to address the problems of parking abuse, [Read more…]

Encourage Your Child to Be an Upstander

From the September 2015

Maybe it’s a side effect of getting older, but I find it harder and harder to keep my mouth shut when I see injustice.

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Coffee With Grandma

I am not a psychologist, not a psychiatrist, not a psychoanalyst; however, I am an old-fashioned, wise grandmother adapting old-fashioned ideas in an ever-changing world.

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Woman’s Club Cares About The Stepping Stones Lighthouse

Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby

Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby

Hi, my name is Stepping Stones Lighthouse. I was born in 1876 to warn mariners of a shoal and extensive rocks that extend into Long Island Sound Northwest from Kings Point. I can be seen from many areas, including the dock at Stepping Stones Park, many homes in Kings Point and from the Throgs Neck Bridge, to name a few.

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What Will Become of Waldbaum’s?

Waldbaum's Outside Sign Close UpBy Mark Wolf

I have lived in Great Neck since 1950 when I was 5 years old. I have been active in the business district since 1959 when I began in what was the family business, Camp & Campus. It became my passion and I have actively run the business for the last 56 years.

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Food for Thought

Illustration by Matt Bodkin

Illustration by Matt Bodkin

As Vegetarian Awareness Month was coming to a close in October, the World Health Organization reported on the dangers of eating red and processed meats. Days later, Anonymous for Animal Rights released the disturbing YouTube video Through Their Eyes, highlighting an undercover investigation from a baby chick’s perspective.

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Former Colleague Salutes Tom Sobol

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Tom Sobol, former assistant superintendent of the Great Neck Schools. So many visions flash through my mind of him and of our relationship. With deference to the many wonderful colleagues with whom I have served, Tom was, simply stated, the most outstanding individual with whom I have had the pleasure of serving in my 44 years of being an active educator and in my 23 years of continued involvement in retirement. No one has left such a huge and lasting legacy in so short a time in our schools.

While at Great Neck, we bonded and shared many good and not-so-good times. When one or the other had a particularly poor day, we drove to Jones Beach and played shuffleboard to unwind.

Tom was the creator of the Village School in Great Neck. It was one of the first alternative schools in the nation and is still going strong. It really should be named after him. It was his idea and his plan.

I don’t know of anyone who used the English language with such eloquence, clarity and dignity. We have lost a great human being, a great leader and I a good friend. I’m sure others in Great Neck have similar feelings and remembrances of Tom.

Gil Blum

Power To The People

State utility regulators will issue a formal recommendation on whether, and by how much, our PSEG Long Island and the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) electric utility rates should increase over the next three years on Sept. 28.

AARP is pleased that the state Public Service Commission (PSC) recently urged a reduction in PSEG’s original proposal for a three-year, nearly 12 percent hike in electric delivery rates—the highest in the history of the Long Island Power Authority.

Long Islanders simply can’t afford a double-digit increase in the price of one of life’s necessities, especially since they already face the third highest residential electric costs in the continental United States.

Long Island’s utility consumers are struggling: the number of customer arrears and final termination notices surged early last year, while 17,000 LIPA residential accounts—about 46 a day or two households every hour—were terminated in 2014. And an AARP survey of Long Island’s 50-plus voters last year showed nearly half are “extremely” or “very” concerned about being able to pay their utility bills in the coming years.

We think the PSC’s suggestion of a reduction in the proposed rate hike of about one quarter—which would still result in a nearly 9 percent increase over three years—should be the starting point of a discussion with LIPA, not the end.

An AARP analysis found PSEG would raise rates on the backs of low-usage consumers and saddle ratepayers with more of its expenses for power supply cost overruns, major storm restoration costs and shortfalls in interest on borrowing.

Older Long Islanders, especially those on fixed or limited incomes who are typically low energy users, shouldn’t have to carry the load here. They can’t afford it.

Whatever the PSC’s recommendations on Sept. 28, AARP urges LIPA to exhaust any and all options to further reduce the hike.

Bernard Macias

Associate State Director
of AARP for Long Island